This leasing scheme provides a new car, scooter, or powered wheelchair for individuals in exchange for their Government mobility allowances (Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance or the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment)


  •  Must have at least 12 months of allowance remaining at time of application
  •  Have a higher rate mobility component of Disabled Living Allowance or Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment
  •  Parents can apply on behalf of a child who receives allowance payments

Leasing your Scooter/Wheelchair


  •  New scooter/power chair every 3-5 years
  •  300+ product selection
  •  24/7 breakdown recovery
  •  Insurance cover
  •  Maintenance and care

Not Included:

  •  Optional extras to your scooter or powered wheelchair
  •  Excess loss or damage costs
  •  More than three claims for lost or stolen keys
  •  Any cost for cosmetic damage which does not prevent the scooter or chair from driving safely

Leasing your Car/WAV

  •  With the exchange of a higher rate mobility allowance you can lease a brand new car for 3 or 5 years
  •  Insurance (That covers two drivers)
  •  Services
  •  Repairs
  •  Tyre and windscreen replacement
  •  60,000 miles of driving in 3 years
  •  Many available adaptations with no additional cost


  •  400 options that do not exceed your weekly allowance
  •  Some options require money upfront (Advanced Payment)

What is Available

  •  Family-Sized Cars
  •  Small City Cars
  •  Large Estate Cars
  •  Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Please note: To be eligible for the Specialised Vehicle Fund which covers the cost of wheelchair accessible vehicles you need to be in employment, education or volunteering or caring for someone.

Additional Information:

  •  2 named drivers can drive your car.
  •  They can be yourself, family, friends, or carers
  •  Drivers should live within 5 miles of your home
  •  Only one driver can be aged under 21
  •  Drivers aged under 25 can only drive certain models